Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides targeted and individualized leadership development with executives, managers and high-potential employees being developed as the next generation of leadership.

Our seasoned coaches use proven coaching methods and draw upon years of experience in working with a variety of leaders and organizations to facilitate dynamic and insightful coaching sessions. They also have extensive toolkits for providing leaders with additional self-guided development resources outside of coaching sessions.

Our coaching clients and their organizations are consistently delighted with our coaching results. As a bonus, our clients report a favorable impact on their personal relationships attributed to their improved interpersonal skills.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback has exploded in popularity for a reason. Feedback collected from managers, peers, direct reports and sometimes customers provides valuable insights to increase self-awareness, remove blind spots, and target priority development areas. When coaches deliver this feedback and coach clients through acceptance and improvement strategies, leadership development is accelerated and drives higher performance for the rest of the organization.

Our coaches utilize survey and/or interview-based 360 Feedback tools with individuals as well as with entire management teams to strengthen leadership on a larger scale.

If surveys are preferred, our coaches leverage off-the-shelf surveys or design and implement customized Upward or 360 Feedback surveys to develop a larger mass of leaders at a lower cost.

Leadership Training

We design and deliver customized and “off-the-shelf” leadership workshops to develop new managers to seasoned executive teams. Our consultants often combine the delivery of leadership training and team building with facilitated strategic planning in 1 to 2 day offsites to ensure senior management teams are cohesively and effectively steering the organization in the right direction.

Some available off-the-shelf leadership workshops include Leadership 101 for New Managers, Leading Change, and Building a High Trust Organization.

Succession Planning

Identifying and developing internal leaders and leadership bench strength for key management positions is critical to an organization’s sustainability and success. Our consultants help organizations design repeatable Succession Planning processes and development strategies for deepening and strengthening their leadership capability for years to come.