Small Business Services

Business Owner Coaching

Small business owners benefit from coaching, especially as they navigate unchartered growth and managing employees often with little formal leadership training. Our coaches assist small business owners in many ways from sharpening their leadership skills to facilitating the development of a strategic plan to helping them solve tough personnel challenges.

It can be lonely at the top. Many business owners don’t have trusted advisors skilled in organizational effectiveness to help them reach the true potential of their business. Our consultants provide tailored coaching and support so business owners can use their time more effectively.

Human Resources Support

Why hire Human Resources staff when you can buy HR support only when you need it? We have seasoned HR professionals who have experience providing HR services to small and large organizations, consulting leaders and hiring managers on best practices to attract, hire, retain and motivate effective employees.

Our consultants also assist business owners with identifying and letting go of employees who are not the right fit for your business.

Performance Management

Does your business have an effective way to set expectations and provide feedback to employees to keep everyone focused on doing the right things in the right way for your business? Our consultants provide turn-key and customized performance management tools to help you get the most out of your team. Believe it or not, employees themselves often crave performance feedback and appreciate when business owners value this communication.

Employee Handbook and Policies

Are you struggling with employees showing up late to work, demonstrating child-like behavior at work, or consistently underperforming? Do you have communications and policies in place for what drives success for your business and what’s expected of employees? Our consultants help small businesses articulate their business strategy in a consumable way for employees and develop Employee Handbooks and Policies that clearly communicate what is expected of employees. Formalizing these expectations upfront often prevents performance issues and sets everyone up for success.

Please see Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development for more solutions that can help your small business achieve accelerated results.