Organizational Effectiveness

Strategic Planning and Communications

An organization’s ability to define and execute a sound strategic plan differentiates a great organization from the rest. Strategic Planning helps organizations define who they are, what their customers need, where they want to go and how to get there. Effectively executing strategy requires strategic and meaningful communications to ensure goal alignment, ownership, and commitment across all employees and partners.

Our consultants leverage proven Strategic Planning approaches that are tailored to meet your needs whether you’re refining your current strategy or defining a strategy for the first time. Strategic Planning helps leaders get on the same page, provides clearer focus for the organization, and makes more efficient use of resources.

Team Development

It is common for teams, especially diverse teams, to experience conflict and suboptimal performance due to interpersonal conflicts and confusion over roles and responsibilities. Our consultants facilitate new teams to establish clear goals, roles, processes, and interpersonal expectations to propel teams forward in becoming high performing and achieving desired results.

For existing teams, our consultants facilitate team building workshops using fun and proven techniques to improve interpersonal dynamics and structured approaches to help clarify goals, roles, and processes and remove barriers to optimal team performance.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessments are a great first step to assess organizational health and prioritize where to start. Through interviews, focus groups and/or employee surveys, our consultants help leaders identify high priority areas of opportunity and provide tangible, targeted recommendations for immediate actions to improve organizational performance.

Organizations are complex systems with many parts that must be aligned and working properly to achieve optimal performance. Our consultants objectively help leaders remove barriers and address root causes of their organizational problems in a way that builds leadership credibility, employee commitment, and capability to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Offsite Meeting Design and Facilitation

Our consultants facilitate Interactive Workshops (or “Offsites”) with small leadership teams and large groups such as entire businesses or departments to achieve significant outcomes in a compressed period of time. Facilitated Offsites engage key stakeholders in planning, solving problems, and accelerating organizational change and transformation. These interactive workshops enable a critical mass of the organization to develop a visible, common database and commitment to achieving the same goals.

Our consultants collaborate with organizational leaders to design and facilitate workshops to achieve specific objectives, although auxiliary benefits typically include greater leadership credibility, teamwork, trust, organizational alignment and commitment among participants. This robust approach can be used for strategy development and deployment, organizational culture change, process and organization redesign, merger/acquisition integration, and teambuilding.

Organizational Design and Process Reengineering

Organizational alignment and optimal processes are vital to efficient operations and achieving sustainable business results. We help organizations design the right organizational structure, roles, responsibilities, and processes to execute your strategy. Our approaches are based on proven change management techniques to ensure leaders and employees are committed to the change for better results.

Employee Training

We design and deliver customized and “off-the-shelf” training to leaders, employees, work teams, and management teams. Our consultants sometimes combine the delivery of employee training with team building and/or the facilitated rollout of a new organizational strategy, structure or initiative to leverage having these resources together at one time.

Some available off-the-shelf employee trainings include Effective Communications, Client Relationship Management, Building Trust, and Myers Briggs Teambuilidng. Please see Leadership Training for more information on off-the-shelf leadership workshops.